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Ready to smile again? Ready to enjoy your favorite foods? Then you’re ready for a dental implant consultation. Located in McKinney, Dr. Lynch’s dental implant office serves patients from McKinney, Allen, Plano, Dallas, and the greater DFW area. Our compassionate, experienced dental team extends gentle clinical care and excellent customer service to patients just like you. Come see us and lean how dental implants can give you solid teeth for serious living.

Don’t You Deserve a Strong, Dependable Smile?

Are you missing teeth? Do your dentures slip or wobble?

It’s Time You Reclaim a High Quality of Life!

About 45 million Americans use partial or full dentures, and nearly 70% of adults have lost at least one tooth. If you’re missing teeth, or if you wear dentures, you probably crave the freedom that a full set of strong, healthy teeth provides. Well, there’s something you should know…

Dental implants will improve your life.

At McKinneyDentist.com, Dr. Jeff Lynch places and restores contemporary dental implants. Unlike other prosthetics, dental implants are individually secured into the jawbone. They promote jawbone retention and require no alteration of or support from surrounding teeth.

Imagine… a full set of teeth… no slipping dentures…

complete oral function and a beautiful, natural looking smile.

You can have dinner with your friends again – without worrying about how you look when you eat. You can stop hiding your smile and start showing it off with confidence. You can toss out the denture creams and go back to normal daily oral care. Because with dental implants, patients report an improved ability to chew and speak, better self-confidence, easy oral hygiene, and a higher quality of life.

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